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About us

Falcon Direct Marketing Consultants

We’re down to earth, practical rather than visionary, don’t like wasting money, don’t like waffle, do like seeing the results coming through, do like to inspire people with our enthusiasm, and do love to learn about people's businesses.

It sometimes needs only a slight adjustment between being wide of the mark and getting a bullseye. In direct marketing, you can sometimes turn failure into measurable success, with a few well judged changes. Call us on 01626 854572 if you’d like some examples.

We’ve been involved in all kinds of marketing tactics. Direct marketing - marketing that produces direct results - is what we like best, know best, and do best.  We know tactics to crank up responses. Tactics that score again and again. Tactics to influence people over a few months or longer. Tactics and strategies to win more of a market over several years.