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Falcon Direct Marketing

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Our activities will improve your aim

There’s a whole armoury of tactics available to help you aim better at your target market.

From here you can get lots of ideas, clever planning, persuasive copywriting, clever creative direction and reliable project management. We can find good suppliers for you, or work with your existing suppliers, helping you generate better results with our involvement. We’re quite knowledgeable about very many aspects of marketing, especially classic direct marketing, so it’s both our ideas and putting them into action which could prove very valuable to you.

We can help you develop strategies and select tactics, come up with great solutions. Our activities will improve your aim.

Here are some of the activities we’ve helped clients with:

strategic planning - project planning & management

copywriting & editing - questionnaires & surveys

research & analysis - reports, tenders & proposals

direct mail & sales letters - leaflets & doordrops

dealer marketing support - product & technical literature

telesales & telemarketing - brochures & catalogues

websites & e-marketing - press releases & magazine articles

advertising direct response ads - channel marketing programmes

internal communications & staff research