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Falcon Direct Marketing

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You'll probably like our attitude.

You’ll probably enjoy our style of working. It’s positive and pro-active.

Direct marketing is a very distinct discipline. It requires particular attitudes, which marketing consultancies and agencies often lack. Our view is that you've got to highly analytical as well as creative. Our key aim is to understand your market so as to help your business grow. You’ll get a good impression of this, quickly, if you phone us on 01626 853555.

Like all good direct marketers, we bang on about target markets and how to hit them. Frankly, we don’t go a bundle on ideas like “brand values” or “awareness”. Yes, they’re useful. But unless they’re clearly linked to hard measures, you risk letting the the tail wag the dog.

What makes our tails wag is seeing measurably better results. Things like better response rates. Better conversion rates. Lower acquisition costs. Higher returns per customer. Lower attrition. Better motivated staff.

PR that doesn't produce real response? No thanks. If we’re looking at press releases and articles for you, we’ll usually want to see results in terms of column inches and tangible feedback. Fancy mailings not tied to responses? No thanks. If we’re involved in direct mail or advertising for you, we’ll want to see results in terms of trackable responses. enquiries, appointments and sales.

We don’t have a vested interest in particular activities, so we won’t sell you a telemarketing campaign or particular mailing lists; we’ll help you zero in on things that’ll deliver strongest results. Depending what you need, we’ll make recommendations, or contribute to a project, or manage it for you too.