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A clearer picture - worth £££££s

A "Communications audit" sounds airy fairy. It isn't. For one mobile comms operator it led to better connections between operator and dealers …

A communications audit helps build an objective picture of your current advertising and marketing activities. Some consultancies offer them for free. Don’t believe them. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, there’s no such thing as a free communications audit. The reason they offer them is that they’re out to sell you something.

Our communications audits have all kinds of benefits which we’d like to tell you about, but won’t reveal here! One is that you get many practical recommendations. Another is that we’re not out to sell you anything, so we’ll recommend the things you need rather than the things we do. Our involvement can stop at the end of the audit, and you still have a very valuable blueprint for action.

One Communications Audit, for a mobile communications company, highlighted, amongst a range of issues, major weaknesses across its dealer network, some of which the client was entirely unaware of.

To address this, we recommended a programme which divided dealers into categories and provided different types of marketing support. After close tracking for a year, the client was able to cut expenditure where it was less profitable, significantly improve sales (by about 15%) and reduce costs per sale (by about 10%).