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Research and analysis. It's amazing what you can learn.


Knowledge can point you in the right direction.

Your customers, your market and your organisation carry information which can lead to better performance. You just have to dig it out. Someone from outside can often do it better.

We carry out small research projects for companies, when they’re looking for something that will impact on sales. This includes staff and customer surveys. It’s amazing what you can learn.

We carried out a customer survey for a major UK franchise operation providing domestic services. This could have been tricky as people are pestered so much on the phone, but we used a careful approach which made life easier.

The research and subsequent report was extremely valuable for the client in various ways. For example

· it highlighted the fact that the client’s selling messages needed revamping (when they were, the results were noticeable)

· it threw light on regional variations (so we could modify some marketing to compensate)

· it picked up some serious local problems which needed addressing  (picking up on complaints is very valuable)

· it pinpointed promotions which customers would like most (subsequent testing was more economic)