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Great words, great sales

Dull words make things harder.Great words  lead to great presentations, proposals, tenders - and sales.

Many companies have great products and services. But when it comes to presentation face to face and in writing, they let themselves down.

We can help you present yourselves for better sales….

As well as highly visible copywriting for marketing materials, press releases and magazine articles, we can help you prepare proposals, tenders, reports and presentations. These “invisible” words can help clinch some very serious sales.

Case study 3: Choice words,  for a tough  tender,  make a better stab at tasty business.

A client asked us to help improve the tender for a £20m contract in the freight sector.

This was quite a large document, over 100 pages, which needed pulling together, and no-one in the client organisation was confident to do so. Part of the challenge was that various very senior members of staff had written some of the text, and their contributions varied from OK to awful. People were scared of telling them it wasn’t good enough.

We revised these contributions and talked them through with senior staff (handled diplomatically, so everyone felt valued and pleased to share success). We re-wrote a mass of corporate text, which had grown organically over the years and needed pruning.

The end product was a lot of reader-friendly text which has been used for many further tenders, and a good document for this tender. And yes, they won the business.

We can pool knowledge with you to impress the individuals, committees and organisations you need to win over. We can re-write your reports so they’ll resonate better with a particular audience. When you need to stand out in a tender process, we’ll show ways you can do that. If you want to impress the audience a bit more, we can edit or write a presentation, perhaps coaching the presenters, to make it that bit more punchy or cleverly memorable.