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Your people:

could we help you get more value from  your most important asset?

Sometimes, it takes outsiders to pinpoint opportunities and problems and get better performance from your people. We can provide valuable support for your most important asset. Depending on your needs, this could involve training, coaching and project management.

Hold on to staff longer ... and help them work better ...

Your people and organisation can profit from training and mentoring from Falcon Direct, as it’s a way of getting better results sooner from your staff. We can increase their expertise, build on their strengths, help them identify and deal with their weaknesses. We know how to motivate people, encourage them and build up self confidence. As always, our focus is on direct results - better sales, more satisfied customers, more successful staff, better company performance.

Training can range from a short sharp session to address a particular need, to a series of sessions tailored to your organisation. Mentoring can cover a specific project or period, or continue on an ongoing basis.

Call us on 01626 853555 for a chat about this. There’s nothing to lose, and could be a lot to gain.

Take off the pressure ... crank up the results ...

Project management from Falcon Direct is useful when your sales and marketing staff are hard pressed. You can take the stress out of a heavy workload by relying on us to manage one element or the whole of a project. We’ll take it on, manage it on your behalf, keeping in touch, pushing things through, getting results without fuss and bother. It can avoid your staff burning out. It can avoid messy mistakes.

You could be looking at a single mailshot. A product launch. An internal communications programme. Developing a website. Or careful control and monitoring of a whole range of marketing activities, co-ordinating different suppliers.